Richard’s Puns

Richard loves to entertain others by his use of puns. When I visited Richard in the correctional facility, he enjoyed getting me to laugh! For example, when I shared that my son is a magician, he said, “I’m also an magician. When I walk down the block, I turn into a bar.”

I’d like to dedicate this page to Richard’s puns. I invite Richard’s friends to contribute to this page. Contact me at [email protected].

Anne Treimanis


Submitted by Bob Perske:

When someone comments the it is raining,
Richard replies, “Well, I hope it keeps up.”
“Because if it keeps up it won’t come down.”

From a telephone visit:

Richard said, “I couldn’t call you this week. We were in lockdown.”
“What happened?
“A guy got stabbed.”
“That’s awful! Where did it happen?”
“On some guy’s body.”

Getting a haircut is stupid. Why pay so much to cut one hair?
Sure I have wavy hair. I am so old it is waving ‘goodbye.’

I keep trying to get my “beauty sleep.” Even though there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I am strong as a bull
And I smell like one, too.