Message from Yvette Taylor

I am always moved by Bob Perske’s articles on false confessions; there have been so many innocent people with intellectual disabilities who have been sent to prison for a crime they did not commit. Of all the people Bob has written about, none struck me as forcefully as Richard LaPointe. This case was an egregious wrongdoing on the part of the “justice” system. I cannot believe this man is still in prison; it is a flagrant injustice.

I cannot remember ever being as angry as I was when I read about Richard’s “confession.” The procedures used, such as the posters on the walls that Richard could not even read, were so unfair. I realize that police often use questionable techniques to obtain a confession I am heartened by the pledge made by Centurion Ministries to continue the fight for Richard.

I received a note from Richard after I sent money so he could buy Spam. I cried when I read it. This sweet man must be released. I applaud all of those who continue to fight for him. Although he has lost so very much, he has gained many, many friends. He deserves his freedom and compensation from a state that has treated him so cruelly, with such little understanding.

Yvette Taylor
Senior Editor
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Submitted March 2008