Message from Jack Pearpoint and Lynda Kahn


Tragically you are not alone in being a prisoner of discrimination and injustice. This is a strange message of hope, because every time your story is told, the possibility of your return to freedom increases. And every time your story is told, the potential for others suffering injustices diminishes. We do not have any magic wands to wave and ‘make it better’, but we do know that your story, and stories like yours create freedom, and chip away at prejudice and discrimination. I’m sure you have heard it before, but Nelson Mandela was unjustly imprisoned for 24 years, and was able to forgive oppressors and lead one of the great peaceful transformations of the twentieth century.

We hope it doesn’t take 24 years, but know that your story has already inspired thousands – and thousands more will be moved to positive actions because of what you have endured. And so we are planning ahead. This letter is your dinner invitation to our house – when you get out – and when you are able to come to Toronto to tell your story. It will be a great party. We hope you can join us soon. Let us know what you want on your dinner menu.

Jack Pearpoint
Lynda Kahn
Inclusion Press

January 2008