Message from Barb Kimball

I am Richard’s cousin Barb and I would like to add my little story of how I became involved in Rich’s cause.

In 2001, after a discussion of Richard’s conviction with my family, I decided to Google his name to find out what the details were.  I found an article written by Bob Perske, listing in chronological order what had transpired.  I was in SHOCK!  It was obvious Richard did not commit this crime.  Prior to this point, having not been close to the trial, my family and I just assumed “since he confessed, he must have done it”!  Even though, growing up, we all knew Richard to be a kind and gentle comedian.  I guess we were as blind as justice was in his case!

It became even more evident, during his most recent court hearing last July, that he was “rail-roaded every step of the way and continues to be.”  The judge that presided over that hearing has neither a conscience nor a soul.

I visit Richard as much as I can and we talk about the old days when his mom and my dad were living….it makes us both smile.

Barb Kimball

submitted January 2008